Susan Kilmartin Prints

Many decades back, shortly after we had just received our first half stripes or silver bars, Hugh Kilmartin’s wife Susan, created this beautiful copper plate print in tribute to our days at the Academy.  Back then she printed just 25 of them, giving them as gifts to their closest friends.

Recently she has granted us permission to offer them for sale to the rest of the class.  We have contracted with a talented Seattle printmaker to reproduce these from Susan’s original plate.  The image measures 8 by 11 inches and will create a rich addition to your decor when you have it appropriately matted and framed as you see here. 

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Framed Original

Somerset Cream

Rives Cream

For those of you not familiar with what is called “intaglio printing”, please know that is a multi-step, one print at a time procedure.  After each impression, the plate must be thoroughly cleaned and carefully re-inked.  Each print then undergoes a two-day drying and flattening procedure. Like your personal signature, each one is unique.  As an additional enhancement, Susan will number and add her own individual  signature to each one.

To make this effort efficient for our printer, we will be submitting orders in blocks of 10 to her.  Upon completion, each block of 10 will be shipped to Susan in Massachusetts for her finishing touches.  Although this will create some delay between your order date and your receipt, we are convinced that you will find this minor inconvenience well worth the wait. You will be the owner of a one-of-its-kind creation of two talented artists.  It is available in two paper colors – Somerset Cream or Rives Cream and will be mailed to you at no additional charge.

For those of you interested in a different format, you can order a 17 by 22 inch computer generated rendering on high quality stock.

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